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The Lie of “Not Enough”

As a mother I find myself repeating a particular phrase to my kids over and over again.  The phrase is not harmful or abusive, it is not a blatant lie or a a snare of sarcasm, its innocent and at times truthful.  I use it as an excuse and if I am honest, I even use it as a means of manipulation.  Sometimes, I use it when I need to drive home a point or make something more clear… I use it a lot, this phrase….  “NOT ENOUGH”…

In America, we have become a culture of “not enough”.

We don’t have enough time.

We don’t have enough energy.

We don’t have enough sleep.

We don’t have enough food.

We don’t have enough… money.

We are living in a generation of PLENTY, yet we have fully accepted the lie that we do not have enough of X, Y and Z…  Not only have we accepted this perception to be true, we are grooming our children to believe this same false sense of inadequacy.


I was having dinner with a group of girls the other night and one of them brought up the notion that in America we have accepted the lie of “scarcity” or “limitedness”.  That there is never enough to go around, whether it be money, or love, or grace, or forgiveness… but essentially everything has a capacity.  This thought astonished me, and then it hit me, that I have fallen victim to the same type of thinking.   The mindset that someday my luck will run out, that someday I will use up my very last grace card, cash in my last plea for mercy, or that I was down to my very last stash of blessings…

We live in a world of beginnings and ends… we fill things up and then we empty them.  We recharge our phones, fill our gas tanks and drain our bank accounts.  We are reminded of the dwindling oil supplies and the summer droughts, we are inundated with things we cannot afford and vacations we don’t have time to take; a constant onslaught of how we will never measure up.   So, when we look to God and we take our relationship with him into account we naturally put limitations on Him and His character.  For us to consider the existence of everlasting love, or prevenient grace, or abundant life it is counterintuitive and ultimately nonsensical.

How many times have we come to Him on our knees begging for “one more chance” when all the chances are ours!!   So often we think that His blessings and goodness are too good to be true, or soon to run out, when the reality is that Jesus  Christ came to give us life, a life which was meant to be abundant and satisfying and full.   (John 10:10)  When we continue to live in the mindset of this world, we recognize our inevitable limitations and live beneath their oppression,  and it becomes our only option.  But, as we learn to be counterintuitive and see life through the lens of our relationship with Christ, then can we see the abundant life we are offered through HIM.

Of course, per usual, just as my eyes were open to the true poverty of my soul, that even I have placed the power of the Almighty God in a box, He kindly reminded me of the words of Jesus Christ, in John 14:2 (NLT)

“There is more than enough room in my Father’s home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you?”  

I was sitting in the pew of our tall long sanctuary when I heard the words stick out… “more than enough”… and then I gasped.   Suddenly, I realized that not only is there enough room in His home for me, He so graciously added that there is MORE than enough… for me, for you, for them, to come to HIM.

So today after hours of thinking and praying and contemplating, I am aware of the mental and spiritual oppression of living under the umbrella of “NOT ENOUGH” and I choose to see and recognize the wealth in my life.  The plenty that I am offered through the gift of Jesus, and the overflow of his grace, love and mercy when I approach His throne.

While we live in a world that is limited, we serve a God who is not bound by limits or capacities or quantities; in Him ONLY do we have “more than enough”.



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