On Potty Training #3

My children are teensy tiny.  Their little frames are fragile and petite, all three of them.  I’d say our whole family was that way, but my husband and I look more “normal” and have a bit more “padding”.


Because of their tiny structure they often times confuse people.  Like when they speak in entire sentences at 2 years old, but only weigh as much as a 12 month old.  So, when a little old unassuming lady comes up to us in the super market and comments on the cuteness of my wide eyed bambino, she surely isn’t expecting a conversation to ensue with said infant.


Also, because of their wittle size, the fact that they are usually potty trained around two freaks people out a bit.


“Do they make underwear that size?” they say.


Potty training might be my least favorite thing in the parenting game.  SO. MUCH. PEE. AND. POOP.   It’s a fact that I saw a brown swipe on the wall in in the boys room last week and I concluded there was a high possibility that it was indeed poop.  Also, I am forever thankful for hard floors.  Since my children are so little and their outfit of choice is underwear 110% of the time, when my littlest has a #2 accident, it isn’t unusual for “it” to roll out of the open leg of his undies!  And then I am the one who must search high and low for “it’s” location…. oh I am sorry… is that TMI?  Well, it’s the truth.   😉

Duncan 55

Look at that ornery smile.


Duncan 56


Gaaahhh! He is handsome, huh?!

We began potty training Dutch, our littlest, in the beginning of August, and tomorrow is October 1st and I’d say we are approaching the finish line.  Possibly, we won’t cross the finish line for 3 years, because, well you kinda give up on these things when it’s your third time around, but there it is nonetheless, in plain view, THE END!!   Last night I turned the corner in our hallway only to see Dutchy standing about 3 feet from his miniature potty, the “Froggy Potty”, aiming with his best intentions of making it straight into the orange bucket… but instead hitting the tile wall behind it… I melted a bit, but then laughed and considered the fact that we probably left the Froggy Potty out a bit longer than needed  and it has become a game.


thank God for bleach and for humor


If it wasn’t for either of these things, I don’t think I would survive potty training a human three different times.  I will admit I am constantly caught up on laundry because if there is one thing I hate more than snakes, it is stanky (<– yup), “stanky” peed on clothing (and sheets)… so you know… we wash a lot of things these days.


If you are potty training, stay strong and think… you won’t be crawling around looking for abandoned poop when they are 16!


Duncan 64

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