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MAMASTE´: A note to End of Summer Moms




Mamaste: A Note to End of Summer Moms

As I walked through the living room into the kitchen this morning, I saw all of my kids sitting patiently on the couch for their breakfast while watching Phenias and Ferb try to savage the world.  Upon entering the kitchen, I gave the ole fridge a side-eyed glance and noticed the kids’ “Summer List” dangling by a millimeter of tape, almost like it was taunting me.  Suddenly, I felt a rush of guilt come over me, as I read out all of the scheduled items we had forgotten about… things that were supposed to teach them “responsibility and accountability”.  As quickly as the guilt soaked in, a little voice, said… “It’s okay!!!!  ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS!!!”.  So I marinated on it for a while… and decided it was okay!   I’d like to pass on a note of encouragement to all my Momma friends out there on the internets and beyond… YOU CAN MAKE IT!

Dear End of Summer Moms,

It is okay that your kids are now consuming 15 hours of media time.  IT. IS. OKAY… they are still alive, right?  Their hairs might not be straight, they might actually have small critters living in them, and that’s okay too, new pets are always an opportunity to teach responsibility, right?

And, lets take a moment and mourn the ever elusive “beginning of summer list” we all wrote out and posted on the refrigerators in May.  Remember the ones, the ones that read:

1: Brush Teeth

2: Make your bed

3: Read for 30 minutes

4: Solve world hunger


Well, if you’re like me, my kids teeth are now forming little sweaters of plaque (I am glad we went to the dentist in April so I didn’t have to hide my face in shame), and I have suddenly started adding closed caption to their Netflix account to check off that summer reading box.  If I added “Fuller House Closed Captioning” to the library summer reading program, it would count right?! Surely.

And the nutrition levels are high around here… so high that I am basically handing out spoons of Nutella for breakfast?  Its protein right, because… hazel nuts…duh?  And for lunch, my kids have eaten so many grilled cheese sandwiches and grilled cheese quesadillas, it might be November when they have their next bowel movement… but I digress.  But, speaking of the nutritional quality of our lives, lets take a moment and mourn our own plummet off the wagon, ladies.  Basically, I have began using the motto, “I am working on my fall body… gotta fill out those sweaters”.  Dutch, my youngest son just came up to me, as I was typing this, and gave me a big hug saying, “Mom, you’re so cozy”.  Hmmm.. just what every woman wants to hear… cozy…  Basically this means I feel like a warm cushie memory-foam pillow… ha! I’ll take it, I guess. #cozylivesmatter

We (yes, me too) are currently fallen apart people! We are bathing on an “as needed basis” and I am counting swimming in the neighborhood pool as a bath… because chlorine kills germs right?!  Also… laundry… I am not sure what is clean or not… it’s all just crammed into their drawers because my daughter wears 17 outfits a day and my boys refuse to wear anything but underwear, and I am too apathetic to fight them… so they just win.

I am crossing my fingers that as my kids enter school, their teachers won’t judge me based on regression of their math skills and reading levels.  Since I am teacher, I know that they will be doing beginning of the year assessments that will be compared with their end of the year assessments this upcoming school year.  So, I guess you could say, we are currently working on getting the “most improved score award” this next spring!  Gotta set those kids up for success some how, huh!?

All of this to say, I am done with summer and I am craving routine!!!!  And so are my kids.  I need that alarm to go off in the morning, and I need to make 15 sandwiches a week, and I benefit from signing forms and checking homework and driving kids to practice… without it we fall apart!

If you are fallen apart, you are NOT ALONE!! Solidarity sisters, and that thread that we are all barely hanging on by, well its a lot stronger than we think, because frankly, we are all hanging on by the same thread!  It must be made of steel!

Many of my friends’ kid went back to school yesterday because they go to year round school, and as I scrolled through my news feed, while eating a TUB of Braums’ Rocky Road ice-cream, (workin’ on that fall bod) I saw all the happy smiles of kids and parents…and then I spotted it,  a twinkle in their eye… that THEY MADE IT THROUGH SUMMER!!!!!  And, that’s exactly how I’ll feel as I SHOVE my kids out the car door on August 22!  😉 (I kid)

So, as my kids start their third Netflix movie today… and yes, it’s before noon… I salute you MOTHERS!!!!  We are almost there!!  Bring on the sweater weather, the tights and tunics, and the scent of pumpkin EVERYTHING!!!

Remember, there is GRACE UPON GRACE…. and just because I did not finish as strong as I started, it’s okay… a new season is approaching, and with it comes a new beginning.  Dust off those yoga pants, and as my friend McKaila says, Mamaste´. We are all in this game together!

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