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4th of July in DC

I wanted to post some pictures of our 1st DC Fourth of July experience. Since we announced we were moving to DC in February, so many people have hyped up spending 4th of July in DC.  They said, “It’ll be unforgettable”.  Guess what, they were right.  It was unforgettable.

For the past 13 years we have spent 4th of July at my husbands grandparents house.  He usually spends an ungodly amount of money at the lanky roadside fireworks stand.  I am typically sitting in the back ground praying to Jesus over and over again, as he nearly escapes blowing himself up. As the kids have grown, he has begun sharing the “punk”, letting them light a few more than I am comfortable with.

When 4th of July rolled around this year, I have to admit I sighed a deep sigh of relief when he wasn’t the one shooting the fireworks off.  I am not naive, and I understand that we haven’t seen the final days of the Duncan Fireworks Show, but my nerves enjoyed (and deserved) a break.


Our holiday week started with the PBS Fourth of July concert on the 3rd.  They open their dress rehearsal to the public, and the crowd is cut in 1/2.  It was still crowded, but not nearly as crowded as it was the night of the fourth.

They use some of the footage from the dress rehearsal on the PBS program, so you still have a slim chance of making it on TV.  I don’t think we did, but it was so fun.

We got to see the beach boys, which was a long time dream of mine, as well as the Blues Brothers.  Guys, I was FEEEET from Dan Aykroyd!  Which in my mind means I basically hosted SNL…

I also got to be in the same “vicinity” as Uncle Jessie… hubba hubba... as Uncle Joey would say.

It was super fun.


The next day the kids were able to go to the downtown DC parade with my parents.  My brother volunteered, through his work, to walk with one of the gigantic balloons in the parade.  The kids loved seeing him.

We watched the fireworks from the steps of the Library of Congress.  You can see the Washington Monument pretty clearly, and it’s just a few blocks from our house, so we rode our bikes.  (Messing with DC traffic on the 4th is insanity.)

The best part of the night was the bike ride home.  As we rode through the streets of DC people were shooting off fireworks on every corner.  It was the craziest thing I have ever seen.  We rode through Lincoln Park, the park closest to our house, and there were hundreds, (yes, hundreds!) of people posted up around the park watching a few families shoot off amateur fireworks shows, just like the ones my husband has put in in rule Oklahoma! But, there we were in the middle of DC.

Lincoln Park has a large center grassy knoll, and people were lined up around the grass, watching as one fire work after another was shot off.  Kids were climbing trees as fireworks rained down from above.  It was electric.  I didn’t get any pictures of it, because the pictures couldn’t do the evening justice.

It was a night where politics were put aside, and everyone came together to celebrate what an amazing country America truly is.  

3rd of July pics













4th of July Night







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